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Providing effective erosion and sediment control BMP solutions to contractors throughout the Southern California region.

Shaker Plates, BMPs, and Construction Site Services


Here at SoCal Shaker Plates we offer the best-in-class BMPs for erosion and sediment control, and full service construction site solutions. As a supplier of stormwater BMPs, we are both knowledgeable and specialized to help you fulfill your budget requirements while minimizing the environmental impact of your project. Our solutions enable contractors to get the projects started quickly knowing that the right practices are in place to meet the need.

We are proud to offer the most modern and effective trackout control mats on the market to fulfill the Stabilized Construction Entrance/Exit TC-1 requirements. In addition, many of the wide range of SWPPP BMP solutions we offer are available for both purchase and rent with full service installation available. See our full range of erosion and sediment control and construction site solutions including construction plate entrances, exits, trench tops, and temporary chain link fencing.

With local storage yards near Temecula, SoCal Shaker Plates keeps a ready supply of popular BMPs to full the needs of the projects from San Diego to Los Angeles. We also work to build custom orders and custom designs to provide the equipment needed to keep your job running smoothly. At SoCal Shaker Plates you can expect the best from us and our employees. All employees have the experience as well as crane certification to meet all safety requirements. Attention to detail is our highest priority with every job so we can build a lifelong relationship.

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About SoCal Shaker Plates

Stormwater BMP Supplier

Family Owned

SoCal Shaker Plates is a family owned and operated company located in Temecula California. Founded in 2019, this family business started with a focus on construction entrances and shaker plates, and stormwater BMPs. We continue to expand our offering to provide for the needs of the contractors we serve.

Timely Service

Coming from a construction background, the founders saw the opportunity to become a trusted partner to their peers. The industry experience has allowed SoCal Shaker Plates to build a loyal customer base by providing the timely service expected. SoCal Shaker Plates is ready to respond to rain events and urgent service calls to keep the project moving forward.

Experience and Knowledge

The company's positive reputation has been earned by paying attention to the details which make all the difference. We know the importance of clear communication, and proper expectations to ensure your team is prepared for each next step. On our scale, an ounce of planning and communication is worth a truckload of rushed fixes.

Equipped For Task At Hand

For each and every project, we treat the customer as one of us.

No job is too small, and no job is too complicated for us to work alongside to provide the products and expertise we offer. As a family owned business you will get the personal customer service you are looking for.

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